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Water Conservation through Information




Water Manager Service is a real time domestic water information service for managing usage and HCF rates.

Our Local Water Crisis

Are you pro-actively conserving water?

How do you measure your conservation effectiveness?

How often are your conservation results measured?

Are you visiting your water meter to record statistics?

Or are you waiting for the end of month billing?

Does your indoor conservation allow you to increase your outdoor irrigation allotment week to week?

Are you paying HCF overage surcharges?

Has your water district threatened penalties up to $2000 or placed a restrictor on your meter?

Water Manager Service offers real time water conservation information to manage usage and monthly costs.

Take control – 940-228-4590 – Manage water usage at a glance on your iPhone browser for real time water use alerts, events, trends and savings. User practical insight to simultaneously allocate and conserve water is available today, ahead of Stage 5 in Wichita Falls and Montecito, from Water Manager Service. Water Manager Service features the PipeBurst Pro VIP and PipeBurst Pro FloMeter plumbed to your water service, then connected to the Internet (iOnLeaks.com server). No more visits to outdoor meters to manually track water statistics.

Compatibility considerations of plumbing and network

Water Manager Service is compatible with a majority of existing plumbing configurations, local area networks and smartphones. However, Water Manager Service design and sizing of these facilities is performed on a case by case basis. Click the Contact tab to request information or call us directly to discuss compatibility of your home/business water utility and ISP service. Start conserving today before Stage 5 rates and penalties are enacted.

Will our community continue to conserve water after the drought?

Our present water crisis will eventually come to an end. Rain will return and our lakes will recover. But, will our community continue to conserve water? Stage 4 and Stage 5 water restrictions tell the story. The loss of 50+ year old trees is the legacy. Water Manager Service makes water conservation easy, routine and rewarding. Together, as a community, we can better manage today’s scarce water resources by putting Water Manager Service into action for future generations with Water Conservation through Information. 940-225-4590

Beyond conservation

Did you know real time water information reveals aspects of your home and business beyond conservation? Consider the extended home and business benefits of Water Manager Service (MyWaterMgr.com) listed below.


Property Management & Protection



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Extended Services – MyWaterMgr.com

  • Burst pipe real time notification
  • Water leak damage mitigation
  • Insurance coverage retention
  • Water use moderation
  • Water management auto-restriction
  • Broken irrigation detection
  • Rental property supervision
  • Utility billing verification
  • Occupant activity monitoring
  • Oversee homes: primary/vacation
  • HouseWide System Design integration
  • Elder care status, without intrusion
  • Event triggered shut-off automation
  • 940-228-4590
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